Felting Experiments

You may be happy or dismayed, but this is the last of the felting experiments done just to see what felting does to certain fabrics with a certain amount of needles.  After this I will be more project orientated.  I chose as my last sample fabric a cotton, crinkle gauze. This is another favorite summer fabric.  Without the crinkles the fabric would be cool and transparent. With crinkles, modesty is assured and cooling retained.  I use it often and stash whenever I find colors I like.

Still using a 6-needle setup but this time I cut definite geometric shapes to felt to the base.


I first felted that “perfect summer cotton”, added a strip of rayon seam binding and finally a square of rayon crepe.  I did a little felting at the top right corner without any other fabric added to the base.  It’s interesting to see how additional crinkles are added but the fabric as a whole tended to remain the same size and shape. The reverse


is stunning, IMO.  I love the way the shapes softly bled through but retained their identity.  The felting on the base only (now on the upper left corner) is soft and attractive on its on.

I can see using the felted fabric without any additions.  I can also see that this fabric is more appealing to me when used in the bobbin-work fashion i.e. all the excitement occurs underneath where it can’t be seen until finished. With a final thickness of about 1/8″, the fabric is still thin enough to be a mid-summer garment.  Too bad summer is many months away.