Winding Down 2012

I consider this post a continuation of the previous end -of-year posts, what’s more, I think several similar posts are in the works. I’ve continued cleaning and organizing the sewing and stash rooms.  I took 2 days to restuff Mimie, my dressform and want to briefly document the process today.

There will be no sharing of pictures.  To be honest, I’m rather appalled at my physical appearance. I took the advice of a SG member and took front, side and back view of myself clothed in a dancer’s leotard.  Then I ordered the size large Fabulous Fit Fitting System as a 2012 Christmas gift. It sat under my tree for 2 weeks and then in “the Closet” for another week and a half.

As seen above it consists of several foam pads and 2 covers.  I believe that I ordered a size too small for I kept adding foam pads to the bust and stomach areas without reaching my measurements.  This was no mean feat.  The instructions are to place the first cover on the dress form and then insert the pads.  The cover fits tightly.  I broke several nails trying to push foam pads underneath and into position.  Finally I rolled the cover in the same way as rolling down a paper bag, arranged it around Mimie’s neck and shoulder before starting to add the pads.  I used my 2″ silk pins to temporarily hold the pads into place and was thus able to determine I would never be able to pad out Mimie with the equipment on hand.  With all pads removed, I dug out the remaining  quilt batting in my stash and trimmed it to fit Mimie. Then I added the foam padding as before.  This time I was able to reach the desired measurements and started shifting the pads around comparing to aforementioned tutu’d-self-photos attempting to replicate my curves (bulges and bumps) on Mimie.  I believe I came close both in shape and measurements and then rolled down the first cover while at the same time removing pins.  I adjust the pads a bit more and then added the 2nd cover.

Mimie now greatly resembles me.  The measurements are spot on both circumferences and vertical placement i.e. the bust on Mimie is the same distanced from the shoulder as my own bust same is true with waist, hip and thigh.  There is room for improvement. I may shift the padding as it becomes necessary.  Also I know  in working with Mimie that she is not the same as a professional duplicate or a duct tape double.  But I feel confident that she is good and enough for my purposes.

I’m so glad I got this done.