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Did you miss me?  I was rearranging fabrics and decided the pattern stash needed a little work too. I’ve identified a number of patterns, some old some new-ish that I don’t believe I will ever use or use again.   Most of these are still in factory folds.  Some I opened to look at either the instructions or pattern pieces. Others I traced. I’m fairly sure all the pieces are within the envelopes, but I didn’t verify that to be true.  The patterns I included in this giveaway were selected strictly on the basis of what could I stuff into a priority mail envelope.

You can see the patterns included in the envelope at this link:  Feb4 Give Away

or copy and past this URL:

So the rules to win:

1 You must have a US postal address. I”m using a US Priority Mail Envelope and the PO takes a dim view of any unauthorized use.   Also, I’ve yet to be a patron of a USPS branch that could calculate postage to foreign points the same way twice. I think the worst was $19 to send 5 typewritten pages to Canada.

2. This is a Winner Take All Give Away.  If your name is selected you get all the patterns. You cannot pick and  choose which patterns you want. If you receive pattern you don’t really want, I encourage you to post your own give away.

3. If your name is selected you must respond within 48 hours with your own mailing address.  I understand that things happen; vacations must be taken and some days are so frantic you’re lucky to have time to go to the bathroom. Nonetheless, I want to get these out of my house. If you are unable to respond in 48 hours, I will select another name. No hard feelings, please.

How to win the give away:

Add a comment on this post (Pattern Give Away the one you are reading now. The comment link is at the top of the post.)  Just say you’d like to have the patterns. That’s it. You don’t need to be a follower of my blog. You don’t need to write an essay and best of all I will pay the postage. Oh and February 3rd is the cut off date. Feb 4th I will announce the winner.


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  1. Love the stuff your doing, I have decided to check out the same cover stitch machine you have. Please add me to the giveaway.

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