Cleaning the Rowenta 8430

Finally something I can, without reservation, say is a wonderful improvement on the Rowenta series of steam generating irons. Cleaning the interior is easy.

Instead of hauling the iron to the sink, I waited until the water reservoir was empty.   I actually ran out of water and the red warning light came on.  I allowed the iron to cool for about 30 minutes.  I should have waited a bit longer because when opening the lock I heard a bit of hissing. Just one and not loud, but definite hissing like the pressure cooker makes when I release steam from the cooker.  Cleaning was easy, really. I placed the iron and it’s shoe on my ironing board and then placed a towel underneath the cleaning port.

I untwisted the plastic cover first. This is a very necessary accessory for the metal knob beneath was quite warm. Next I untwisted the metal knob and then gently pulled out the spoon shaped extension.


I’m just days short of having used the new iron for a month.  I was pleased to see that there really wasn’t that much lime scale built up.  I used a green pad and running water to clean the bowl area and then inserted the spoon back into the iron.  Actual cleaning, not counting cooling down, took less than 5 minutes and was not at all difficult. I’d rate this as a pleasant experience but that’s because cleaning previous models was a horrendous task. This cleaning I’m likely to do once a month.

I can definitely award 4 stars to the cleaning system.  Why not 5?  The verdict is still out as to whether the cleaning system is effective.  The steam generating iron is expensive. For the cost I expect it to last at least as long as the typical household iron. Most of those last 5 years. The steam generators I’ve had never make it to their 2nd birthday.


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