2013 Spring 6PAC, Black, Garment 3

I’m pleased to announce: I’ve completed my 3rg garment and first top for my Spring 6PAC in Black

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I love the 6PAC wardrobing plan ejvc has created. There is no doubt in my mind that she originated a well thought-out concept/wardrobe plan.  But, like many others, I did need to make small changes so that this plan works for me perfectly,absolutely perfectly. For me, I need additional bottoms which are pants.  I did try skirts but I don’t wear them. In fact, I seem to avoid wearing skirts. I can’t explain but after 3 years I can tell you I wear trousers (bottoms), tops (knit and woven)  and vests, cardigans or jackets (3rd layer). This is me. Can I please, with 6 decades under my belt, be allowed to dress for me?

I do find that my sewing for spring and autumn are much the same only the fabric weights and colors shift.  For Spring I’m planning

                      SPRING & AUTUMN
1 trouser Neutral Black
1 trouser Neutral Dark Grey
1 top match bottoms
1 top complement
1  top complement
1 vest match

EJVC addresses the idea of vests, jackets,cardigans and coats within the 6PAC theory.  What works better for me personally is a stable of jackets/cardigans and coats in my basic colors. Mostly I wear my cardigans at home when I need a bit more warmth.  My jackets are the extra layer worn outside the house when the weather cools but is not bitterly cold. Coats are definitely my outside armor during the bitterest of weather and worn only when it is absolutely necessary for me to venture forth. I make coats heavy and wind proof.  I will repeat myself and say that ejvc’s theory is wonderful.

I do not hesitate to recommend to everyone:  Follow her directions to the T.  I did. Yes way back when she first developed the plan, I followed  it exactly. That’s how I discovered that skirts and dresses have limited or no use in my daily life.  I do NOT regret the time or money I invested in exploring the 6PAC wardrobe theory. EJVC herself fully blesses the idea that you (0r me) should adapt the basic plan to work in our own lives.

I’m happy to share that I have completed half the garments required for my Spring 6 PAC


This is only the “black” 6PAC.  I also like to maintain navy blue and chocolate brown capsules.  I’ve neglected the black capsule because black is not my best color and must be carefully coordinated with my personal colors so that the outfit flatters me. I look at this half capsule and think “This is a good thing.”


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