2013 Spring 6PAC Garment #4

My next piece for this 6PAC is a vest.  I’m using  OOP NL6538


I’ve had this pattern at least 20 years. OK I don’t know exactly how old it is. Point is I keep using this basic pattern over and over again. I’ve changed sizes (up and down).I’ve used it with and without collar. Varied the collar many times. Made it button in front, tie in front or open. I’ve done so much with this basic pattern that I can’t remember it all.

I decided to use spongy fabric purchased from Fabricmartfabrics 1-3 years ago.  This fabric was not exactly what I thought it would be, but I can’t blame the vendor. I made assumptions based on the price and fabric grouping. I could have chosen to return the fabric. But I loved its appearance and attempted to sew a jacket from it—————— twice.  Both times with disastrous results.  I discarded all the small pieces; folded and put the bigger pieces upon the shelf when I realized I was trying to create a structured garment with fabric that would not cooperate.   Which they sat in my stash until 2 days ago…

…when my thoughts and experience came together. I needed a basic black vest.  I had a fabric which could be beaten into submission or I could choose a pattern great adaptability.

I choose to use NL 6538 with 2 pieces only.  It is unlined, however the back was cut from an attempted block fusing.  I considered several creative possibilities.  I even prepared a fringed drape for the neckline. But the more I considered; the more I thought; the more I prepared; the more I realized that “basic–basic–basic” must be applied to this 4 garment.  I added my interior pockets because they are necessary for me.  If you look closely you can see my pockets on the front, public side. I also stitched 2″ above the hem and then fringed it. Finally I used purchased bias tape to finish the armscyes and front edge.

For a closure I decided to attempt TerryK’s hair elastic closure.

My “button” is not  button but a very old belt buckle.  I acquired it along with a hundred uninteresting buttons during the 2012 Nebraska Junk Jaunt.

I’m really hoping someone can tell me a better way to secure the belt buckle.  I used large stitches to secure the bar to the vest front. They were rather….. um…. rough and therefore not shown.

I have to admit to a slight disconnect.  I wanted this to be a “spring” garment. But this heavier fabric will not be comfortable when spring temperatures approach 70 Deg. I’ve assured myself this is OK.  I do have a rayon vest which even though it is lined, is much more appropriate for the warm, very warm weather.  This vest will work just fine for both spring an autumn weather.


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  1. Bev, you’re vest looks good. I see your vests and get all excited – but pull out a pattern and naw – I’ll just admire Bev’s.

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