Continuing the Spring 6PAC

Yes I know you thought I was done yesterday. What I finished yesterday was the 6PAC in BLACK.  I keep basic wardrobes in Black/grey, navy blue and chocolate brown.   I do have an advantage in that I’ve been sewing these 6PAC’s since they were first announced and I have my basic’s done. Each season when elizabeth announces the new sew-along,  I need only review my clothing and see what needs to be replaced. Another advantage is that my spring and autumn clothing is exactly the same. I maintain clothing for 3 seasons only. So now I’m looking at the other 2 colors.


Pants #1 DONE

Pants #2 NEEDED Jeans  DONE

Top1 (Matching) DONE PP103 long sleeve T with horizontal ruching

Top 2 (Print or contrasting) Done

Top 3 Vest Done

Jacket DONE

Holy cow the BLUE 6PAC is also done.  I do have a 2nd pair of trousers in navy blue.  I would like need a new pair of jeans.  New jeans pass as “Casual Dress” around these parts. So when the jeans start looking faded it’s time to buy/make. But I don’t have any blue denim.  I’ve decided to wait until the 6PAC’s are complete and then make a pair of jeans in black.  Onto


Pants #1 DONE

Pants #2 NEEDED 

Top1 (Matching) DONE Loes Hinse 5210 Long sleeve in  slinky

Top 2 (Print or contrasting) NEEDED

Top 3 Vest NEEDED

Jacket DONE

Projecting to Autumn

BLACK I’ll need to replace one of the pairs of pants and I really should do something about the unsatisfying jacket. I’ll also need to keep track of how well the black rayon knit top wears. I love rayon but it’s not very durable.  I will not be surprised if it too needs replacing.

BLUE At least one of the pants will need to be replaced. My lovely blue vests one made in 2012 and the other in 2011 are not holding up well.  They are both pilling on the front.  I’m rather surprised that the vest made from upholstery fabric is showing ago so quickly. The other is brocade and I’m surprised it lasted this long. The solid navy T-shirt will also need replacing.  I think 2 years with a Tshirt is good especially when you consider that these long sleeve garments will be worn through 3 seasons. Possibly next year I should consider replacing the T-shirt tops with a good slinky or machine sweater-knit at least for winter.