2013 Goals January Summary

There is no point is having goals if I don’t hold myself accountable in some way. For me the accountability takes the form of posting a summary of the goals and details as to how I am achieving said goals.

2013 Sewing Goals

1. Maintain, improve and discover tailoring skills both for shirt making and traditional 3rd layer garments by actively taking on tailoring projects or adding tailor touches. 

DH keeps asking me to sew another shirt.  It is nice to have my skills appreciated but I’m still shying away.  I know that’s because these tailoring touches will not come easy for me.  I will need to practice.  The closest I came to tailoring was the single piece collar that Otto called the “Easy Collar” used in Style 8 Issue 5/2007.  I even skimped on the interfacing of my latest vest (Simplicity 2188 in the novelty woven). I get a failing mark  for January.

2. Make better use of my fabric through using a 3 step rotation, for every (1) knit fabric sewn, choose to sew (2) a woven fabric and then choose to sew (3) an older fabric. 

This goal has been at the forefront of my mind and I’ve done pretty well. I created a worksheet with  3 categories:   2+years old, Woven and Knit. I’ve allowed the fabric to qualify in 2  categories, if applicable. IOW I don’t shy to count a fabric as old just because it is knit. My  focus is making sure I use those old fabrics with a secondary focus of including more woven garments in my wardrobe. During January I have sewn 12 garments.  Only 4 were knits the other 8 were from woven fabrics. That gets a big Hurrah! But also I think I previously overlooked the fact that many of my trousers and vests are sewn with woven fabrics.  I may have been sewing more with woven fabrics without even realizing it.

Of the 12 garments, 6  were constructed using older fabrics. My designation of 2 years as “old” may seem a little arbitrary. After 2 years my memory seems to fade the details of when and where purchased as well as fiber type.  I can reasonably determine the fiber type through a burn test.  But pretty much if I can’t remember how much I paid, it becomes “free” and therefore “old” to me.  All that aside, I managed to use older fabric for 6 (half) of  the garments I made.

Thumbs up for me: 12 garments, 6 old fabric, 8 woven fabrics!.

3. Maximize  use of the tools and supplies already purchased and on hand by actively considering them for use in each project.

I installed the clear foot for my cover-stitch machine right away. I find it easy to add and remove the center guide and so I do that frequently.   I also played with the cover stitch binders, but didn’t get too far.  This is not an intuitive process. Rather than getting mad and flinging the parts to the far corners of the room, I put them away after 30 minutes.  I made another purchase, a small 5 drawer plastic cabinet.  It sits just behind the cover stitch machine and holds the bits and pieces I like to use. Although it was another purchase, it greatly contributed to the actual use of the previous purchases. That sounds complicated all I mean is, once organized in their drawer, I retrieved and utilized the pieces more. Maybe not gold star worthy but I did set about using my purchases and I’m satisfied I met this goal for January.

4. Bring personally knitted items back into my wardrobe by knitting (ether hand or machine) when the outside temperatures drop below freezing.

I attempted knitting a jumper at the knitting machine. Unfortunately it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how to do things.  The first jumper was knitted twice (almost) and then wadded.  I made the effort, but can’t say I successfully added anything to the closet. At least I’m pointed in the right direction.