For the Browns


I began my sewing for the Chocolate-Brown 6PAC by sorting fabric.  As usual I’m finding that I stock beautiful fabrics and neglect to purchase plain basics.  I already have a brown vest but it doesn’t work with all the shades of brown in my stash. I wanted to make a chocolate-brown vest.  The only fabrics suitable are two pant-length cuts and a linen remnant.  Unfortunately the linen remnant is only 1/2 yard and not enough even for a vest. I considered piecing/color blocking. No that won’t do. I want a rather basic garment that works well with most if not all my brown fabrics. Then my hands fell upon this 1.25 yard home dec fabric.  It is a shiny tan which matches Marathon Polyester thread #2123.  I’ve used that color before because I mistake it for gold. This is very surprising to me. I expect anything “gold” to have a yellow cast. But this 2123 fools me.  I compare the fabric with the others and find that it works well with everything except a small collection of khaki.  I believe my fabric is a cotton/rayon blend. One side, the public side, is shiny while the other is quite dull. My lining is a 100% rayon left over from a never-worn shirt.  Lots of experimenting means I have lots of garments that aren’t successful.

I’m using the vest pattern from Simplicity 2188.  This time I folded the pointed front into a straight edge. This makes it much like my favorite NL6538 used in the black 6PAC but the neckline is more open. 6538 hugs the neck.

I”m trying desperately to remember my favorite sewing sequence. I’ve experimented so much the past few years that I’ve forgotten tried and true methods. I don’t like “bagging” vests. I end up with awkward corners and areas that I can’t press to my satisfaction. This time I sewed shells together i.e. lining and fashion fabric shell constructed separately. Then I sewed the long neck seam, pressed carefully and turned outside. Next I bound the armscyes and then hand hemmed the bottom opening


I keep experimenting because I’d like to get away from the hand hemming. But that’s the very thing which creates the nicest finish. Next time I want to try the sewing order of shoulder seams, front seam, shells together, armscyes, side seams and then hand hem. (Recorded here so I can find the dang idea next time. Oh to be young enough to remember everything.)


I used TerriK’s button loop method again. Except I think she uses half the elastic and I use the full elastic loop. I can make a secure, good-looking loop by using the whole hair elastic. If I cut the elastic I always end up with nasty, fraying ends.


I tried to remember how long I’ve had this button but can’t. I loved that the tan exactly matches my fabric and the base is chocolate-brown, the basic color of the 6PAC. I also like the juxtaposition of the circle within circle against the square, rectangular and diamond surface of the fabric.

I went a little light on the interfacing which I think shows here on the back. I wanted something lighter in weight but still fully finished.


I would have preferred a solid chocolate-brown to make my vest. Yet I’m happy with this. Happy with how it looks with other browns. Happy at how quickly it was completed.