Revising the Brown 6PAC

I was surprised when the pin-stripe pants didn’t work out–(they looked white instead of brown) and a bit troubled when I realized the brown corduroy pants and matching ITY top would not work for a spring 6PAC. I realized my plan for a Brown, Spring  6PAC needed revising.

I think I’m having mind-set problems.  We are mid-winter in South Dakota.  The snow in my own back yard is at least a foot deep (drifts of 4-5 feet). It’s hard to plan for warmer weather when I’m focused on keeping warm and dry.  I keep thinking about what I want to wear now instead of what I will need in 6 weeks.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m adequately clothed for winter. I’m concerned about spring and summer because my clothing size has changed and I knew when I packed things away I would need to replace a number of garments.

I sew for 3 types of weather.  There is deep winter, now, which requires layers and heavy or designed-to-warm clothing. The opposite is summer in which air circulation is key and consists of  no sleeves, short shorts, light weight clothing  with transparent layers to provide sun protection.  Then there is the 3rd range of clothes worn when temperatures exceed 60 deg but are less than 90.  Medium to light weight fabrics that can be layered if the temps dip a little or the winds and night air chill a body.  These are the clothes that are worn both autumn and spring.  These are the clothes which wear out and must be replaced most often.  These are the clothes which I need to work on right now.

So I reviewed my “brown”s once again. I want browns with a pop of yellow.  I made sure to exclude corduroy and wool fabrics. I excluded high necklines and sweaters.  Long sleeves are OK but so are 3/4 sleeves. Generally SD passes through short sleeve weather so quickly that I don’t even make short sleeve T-shirts although I might buy one.  I find that leaves me with a 6PAC minus tops and bottoms i.e I have only 3rd layers suitable for spring.  I have 2 jackets and 2 vests. I need 2 bottoms and 2 tops. Looks like it’s time to start sewing again.