Pants for the Brown 6PAC

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I’m pleased as punch to have these pants done. It means that I actually have the basis for a brown capsule that can be worn in the spring. I know, I know tops/blouses are still essential. A matching top is all I really need. I have several tops that would coordinate or create a pop of color.  I do want to make the tops. For now I want to bask in the satisfaction that my Spring Brown 6PAC has taken a leap forward.

So sorry the pants are hard to see. Dark colors don’t photo well.



2 thoughts on “Pants for the Brown 6PAC

    1. Oh Gwen –just as I thought I had it all settled, my body changed. My weight is the same, but padded differently. I’m having to completely review and change my process. I have my first review on my Pants blog Good luck on your journey. Pants are the hardest to fit.

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