Organizing the Sewing Rooms

5 years ago, almost 6, we started housekeeping in the current abode.  Initially the major changes were limited to finding places for the stuff or deciding what stuff needed to go to the Goodwill because there was no place for it.  Gradually however, every room received color changes and touches that made this house “our” home.  Over the years, our lifestyle and needs have changed, but more importantly we have continued to accumulate. I try to keep things going out as new ones are brought in, but have to admit I’ve lost the battle. I have more stuff in my sewing rooms than I have space. Also, some of the decorating I did back then has become worn and not so attractive.

The question is what to do about it?

My first answer was I needed to stop all the sewing, pull everything off the shelves and out of drawers. Sort through it all and dispose of anything not really being used.

BUT   I just don’t have the energy or stamina to pursue that thought.

So what I’ve decided instead is to take the first 5-10 minutes of every sewing day to clean and sort through something.  Furthermore I need to hold myself accountable. So my posts in the future will include a footnote “What I did to clean the sewing room yesterday”.


***********What I did to clean the sewing room yesterday:

I’m at the point of juggling things around whenever I start a new project. i.e. I do keep the 6′ cutting board cleaned of extraneous items but when I’m working on a new project I need pattern, paper weights, cutters and rulers.  I like to keep track of my sewing so I also like to have a journal and a few pencils. While working with Lena’s measurements I ended up with a pile of paper all needed at the time.  It seems like I always need most of these listed items. But then they are definitely in the way when I need to spread out and cut fabric. I’ve been trying to stack it all in one corner -which helps but is also a hinderance. I’ve also carted stuff to the other room and returned it to  once the cutting was done. No more!  Yesterday I cleaned off a half-shelf and placed the items for the current project on that shelf. What was there was small amounts of interesting fabrics.  I thew the very small pieces into the trash. Anything qualifying as a fat-quarter or more went into the Goodwill box.  This is a good start.


4 thoughts on “Organizing the Sewing Rooms

  1. I liked knowing that you feel “at home” in your newer environment. Knowing we will be moving in the future, I have so many doubts that I’ll ever feel at home anywhere again. Oh, and I AM purging everything.

    1. I would encourage you to take your favorite and expensive tools like sewing machines, scissors etc. I needed time to sew even during the time we were mostly unpacking boxes. Sewing saves my sanity.

  2. My biggest headache is the stuff that winds up piled on my cutting table. I have a 3’x6′ cutting table, but pretty soon I’m working in a 1.5′ x2′ area because of all the stuff piled on it. When I’m ready to cut fabric I shove everything to the side or move it somewhere else until I need to work on that surface then it comes back to the cutting table. I’ve tried to keep it cleared off, but it always winds up piled up again.

    1. Oh yes that was exactly what I was doing. I’m hoping that having made a space for the things I do use, I’ll be better able to keep the cutting table free for use not only for folding clothes and sewing, but fabric painting, stamping and even planning embellishments.

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