Thoughts on March First

I want to reassure you that I am sewing. I just don’t have anything to show for it.  Over on my pants blog, I’ve regularlyposted new pants muslins along with wrinkle analysis.  I discovered that my measurements have changed even though my weight has not. Not a pleasant situation, but that’s life or aging. Aging tends to rearrange the body sculpture.  I worked with a Burda pattern (12/2012 #148) and the MSS pant both with less than wonderful results. Finally it occurred to me that if I started by working with my best pants patterns, I might be able to fit my new body.  It’s working. I should have something to show soon.

***********What I did to clean the sewing room yesterday:

There was a box. First it sat underneath the serger table. Then it was moved to the right. When I purchased the Cover Stitch machine, the box needed a new home. Box moved to the cutting room where it could be tripped over every time I ventured to the cutting table.  Yesterday, I decided to go through the contents and find a home or dispose of each item.  What was in the box?  Well there were various containers. I love the shapes in which cosmetics and other things are packaged.  I collected several medicine bottles knowing they would be perfect for stamping. As in glue a stamp to the bottom and hold onto the bottle while making the stamping motion.  Pretty sure I’ve had these bottles for a year and have yet to make a stamp or make any stamping motions onto fabric.  I reduced the collection of medicine bottles considerably. There were a number of knitting supplies.  I kept the machine knitting items as I’m trying to get one of my knitting machines ready to sell. Then there were hair pins, safety pins and paper clips. The hair pins went into the trash. I’ve kept my hair short for 5 years and have no intentions of growing it long again. Paper clips and safety pins already have designated spaces, what were they doing in this box???? The only things difficult to release were a collection of rulers, quilting rulers. I can always use a straight edge. But I’ve  used these once or less. They, along with the hand knitting supplies, are in the Goodwill box.  You know what’s really surprising?  I’ve tripped over that box for months. It took less than 15 minutes to clean it out. Why did I wait so long?

PS this will not be a daily post because I don’t go to the sewing room daily. Even retired, I have obligations that exclude sewing.  Also this winter, I”m trying to keep the electric bill down in the range I can pay.  The sewing room gets closed at least once a week. When I don’t sew, I won’t be cleaning or rearranging the area.  I do recognize that this clean-a-thing-a-day will not produce astounding results quickly.  It’s a long term project and I hope when done, I’ll have built the habit of doing something to keep the rooms clean all the time.