TJ906 in Yellow

I’m tweaking the fit of Tj906.   I like the blue gab version but I”m absolutely sure that I can improve the fit even more.  Funny, years ago I would have called the blue gabs perfect and gone onto something else.  To continue reading about fitting the yellow version of Tj906, click here.

**********What I did to reorganize the sewing rooms yesterday:

Not much. Most of my posts are written one day and posted the following.  That gives me a chance to read it with “fresh eyes” and do some editing. So while I posted yesterday, I wasn’t here. I was shopping in another town.  I made a swing by Goodwill for the purpose of dropping off. 4 boxes left. 1 box came home. I acquired a turntable/ lazy Susan/tool organizer for $1.50.  I had in mind putting my panting, stamping etc tools in one container where they can be easily accessed and put away at the end of the session.  I don’t use these tools that often maybe every few months. I prefer machine embroidery. I’m forcing myself to try other type of embellishments. Which means new tools. I pull the tools out of a closet when needed and return when that particular project is finished.   But when I pull the tools out, then I have to sort through boxes. I like the idea of my tools being in an organizer that’s already.  I mean when I’m ready, the tools are ready. They don’t need to be hunted for and arranged in useful fashion. Arghhh so many words to say I bought a tool organizer (which DH tells me sells new for $25 plus shipping).  The box was given to us at the store because we purchased several other items. (We buy most of our candles at the Goodwill. Got a real beauty this time. It’s 18 inches long and has 7 wicks–but that’s another story for another place.) The box though is just perfect for storing the stencils and larger stamping tools that I’m acquiring.   When I finally get downstairs, I’m planning some quality time with my paint/stencil/stamping supplies.