Tummy Wedge

More information was requested about the wedge I added to the pattern to help my TJ906 pants fit a little better over my tummy.  For more information on the Tummy Wedge, click here.


**********What I did to reorganize the sewing rooms yesterday:

As anticipated I took the new sorter and box downstairs.  I found a place for the box and added more stamping/painting items such as the stencils mentioned yesterday and some interesting collected shapes such as the wire basket purchased for a quarter (25 Cents). To my surprise that took nothing in the way of time. Less than 5 minutes. I decided to do a little more. A few days earlier I had cleaned half a shelf and placed my sewing journal, current pattern, weights and tapes on that half.  Now I looked at the plastic 3-drawer cabinets to the side.

I have several of these, in various sizes. DH does too. They are excellent for organizing small items.  I have two on that particular shelf  whichI decided to empty and then refill.   I’m rather embarrassed at how much clutter they contained.  When done I had 4 empty drawers. That’s right, in actual use was only 2 drawers.  I moved a number of items into the paint/stencil/other embellishments closet.  When I’m selecting tools, I really want to be able to see all my tools in one place.  It’s annoying to have to hunt in different places.  I want to work on my project not sort through boxes of supplies. So moving those items was a no brainer.  I also noticed that I had duplicate supplies. Like I had “something” but couldn’t find it. Bought a duplicate “something” and  put it away in a different drawer same cabinet. I took the door stops upstairs and installed them on the walls they were purchased to protect. Why did I even take those downstairs????  There were a few items that went straight into the trash.  Only 2 that I considered might be desired by someone else and those went into a newly designated Goodwill box.

By now I had 45 minutes invested instead of the 5-15 minutes originally intended. But I also have a place to put sewing related items when I clean them out of other areas. It was a good job and good use of my time.