Yellow Twill TJ906

is being called done!  To read more about the twill pants, click here.


**********What I did to reorganize my sewing rooms yesterday:

…should count for several days. I decided to sell my Accuquilt Go.  I’m just not using it. I discarded all my other quilting stuff but held onto this. Now it’s time. I need the space. I need to clean the room.  By some odd chance I still had the original box and packing.  Normally I discard that stuff within a month or so.  I keep packing just long enough to determine that I didn’t receive a broke whatever.  I’m thinking it should be pretty easy to sell this thing.  I check Amazon, currently selling for around $180. So I find the die and mat,  add a little bubble wrap and put the thing back in its original box. My experience with shipping is that if you can do anything else to make sure it doesn’t break in transit, you really should. Double boxing is an excellent protective choice. So I hunt for a box. I hunt for a box.  I ask DH for a box. We can’t find a single box big enough!  I take two boxes and tape them together but now the 2nd box is way too big.  We find some styrofoam sheets and cut that to size. Gees, who would have thought styrofoam could create some many bits and pieces.  Finally I’ve get it all packed up. I haven’t taped the lid down because I want to add the buyers address to the inside. I don’t have the buyers address yet.  I took pics before the box hunt. I take time to rotate and crop and then upload to my PhotoBucket account. Next I compose the listing for the SewItsForSale group.  I’ve been a member of this group practically since inception.  Over the years they’ve gotten more and more particular about content.  On my last sale my ad was rejected because I listed price after shipping info. Their template is price, then shipping on the same line. OK little picky but for free, I can deal. I carefully write my ad and then submit it. I check back in an hour. I’ve received a few announcements but not my ad or a rejection. I check back again the next hour.  I keep checking about every hour. At 9PM I take my bath and go to bed. I figure I’ve made an error on the ad and tomorrow when I get the rejection I can fix it.  This morning I’ve got 35 responses several of them time stamped less than an hour after my submission. Where the devil have these emails been? Did Yahoo get clogged? Or just my account? So this morning I spend time checking for shipping charges and responding to the first. I send an updated ad that says sold and then I respond to all emails saying “thank you but I believe I have this sold.”  Packing the dang thing took an hour. Emails about 3. I don’t have to do another thing to my sewing room for the rest of the week.