Aqua Linen

I’m beginning a new version of Tj906. This has turned into a true muslin because the amount of fabric was so limited. I purchased the normal 2.5 yards of 100% linen.  I made an effort to control shrinkage by washing and drying 3 times. The linen shrank and now I’m trying to make pants with just barely enough fabric.  To continue reading about the Linen Version of TJ906 click here.
**********What I did to reorganize my sewing rooms yesterday:

While no item was rearranged or cleaned inside my sewing rooms, I do feel like I was working  hard to clear out the sewing room.  I continued to answer emails politely saying that the AccquiltGo was sold. Unfortunately I have not heard back from the buyer who wanted it, just quote the total cost please. This afternoon I’veoffered the Go to another person.   I’m afraid that we’ve all gotten accustomed to $4.99 shipping. It doesn’t really exist. Most commercial firms have contracts for a specified amount of tonnage. That helps to reduce their shipping costs but at $4.99 they are still absorbing a lot of the shipping cost i.e. absorbing into the price per item.  I don’t have that option. I’m usually on the buying end.  A shipping contract would cost $$$ to me.  I suspect this is an issue many smaller companies contend with. I know that credit card costs can make the difference between whether a company stays in business or not. It almost seems as though you can’t sell a thing without taking credit cards. But the costs are so high, I’ve seen many places pose a minimum charge because that’s where they break even.  Not where they make money, but where they can give the thing to you for cost — without any profit for themselves. Being in business is a hassle. Why do it, if not for a profit? Same with my selling the Go why on earth go to the effort picture taking, packing,  listing and  hauling the 45-pound thing to the post office for free? If I relist, I”ll post a $30 shipping charge and ask for serious inquiries only. I’m not answering another 45 emails.