**********What I did to reorganize my sewing rooms yesterday:

I know I don’t’ seem to be all that diligent at reorganizing my sewing rooms.

Yes that was plural, rooms.  The basement was remodeled several years ago, at least 15, to be a downstairs apartment containing 2 bedrooms. The remodel was very well done. There is at least 1  casement window in each room. The living room,  kitchen-dining area and stairs have multiple, large windows. Light floods the basement.I never get the feeling of being enclosed or away from the sun. I am very happy to have my two rooms, the rooms which were designed to be bedrooms.  I have my cutting table and stash in one room. The other contains all my machines, the ironing station, Mimie (my dressform) and storage of necessary supplies.  I use what was a 9′ closet as a staging area.  It contains out-of-season clothing, the day-to-day ironing and my works-in-progress. Currently WIP’s encompass  a felting project, summer tank tops, the ironing and multiples versions of TJ902. All this to explain that I may not seem diligent but that is because I have a lot of space and materials to organize.

I am, thinking about and working on, organizing my sewing area. My latest effort was cleaning and relocating the 3-drawer plastic cabinet which houses the hoops of my Janome MC 9500 embroidery machine. There are 3 drawers in this little plastic cabinet. One for each hoop I own: the 5.51″x 7.87″, 4.96″x4.33″ and a little guy1.97″x1.97″ . I was upset to find seeds in one of the drawers. (Thankfully, no mice/animal droppings.) Seeds indicate mice must have entered the drawer at some time some how. I carefully cleaned the drawers using my trusted 409 spray. I replaced each hoop in it’s appropriate drawer along with the mat and any stabilisers cut to the size of that hoop.  I  have a ziplock bag with small bits and pieces of stabilisers. Stabilisers are expensive. These small pieces are useful for patching inside the hoops and also, at times, valuable at the sewing machine. I moved the hoop drawers/cabinet from its spot beneath ruler hanger and onto the metal shelves that are holding my Home/Dec, sheers etc fabrics, my current projects journal, stabilizers and a few other things. It’s good to have the hoops close to the cutting table. That is where I set-up, mark and otherwise prepare for machine embroidery.  Surprisingly this was a 30-minute job. It’s done now and I’m happy with the result.