**********What I did to reorganize my sewing rooms yesterday:

Several weeks ago, I sorted though my pattern stash and removed patterns which I either wouldn’t sew again or even for a first time or that are duplicated by my magazines.  It is a space issues more than anything.  I just don’t have room to store every pattern ever made.  I have reduced the number of patterns coming into the house. First I dropped the BMV club, although I’m still trying to turn off all the mailing options. I kept the Burda and Burda Plus subscriptions and added Ottobre Designs.  Late this winter, both Burda subscriptions expired and I didn’t renew them.  I love Burda in that it is at the forefront of fashion. I hate Burda’s photos and plunging necklines. I attempted 1 Burda pattern last year and it became a wadder.  Burda is too expensive IMO to purchase if I’m not going to use the patterns. Whatev’s point is the number of patterns come in is less but I don’t have room to store all the patterns I already have. Hence the sort.  There were so many that have never been sewn.  At first I tried a give away. Which worked. To an extent.  I gave away as many patterns I could stuff into an envelope.  Once down at the PO, I was told the weight of the envelope mattered and would be more expensive than using a priority mail box. My Post Master even helped me move everything to the box, seal it up and address. That box cost nearly $20 to mail.  I figure I have enough untouched patterns to fill another 5 boxes. $120 to give away patterns? Not on my budget. I allowed the patterns to languish in my closet for a several weeks.  Yesterday, I sorted through them 1 more time.  I pulled out about 8.  The others are in the Goodwill box. BTW my resolve to avoid buying patterns, is high. Very Very high.


4 thoughts on “3/25/2013

  1. Ouch. That is a lot of money to create space. I am fortunate to have a reasonable amount of space at present – but I fear the day when the Management and I decided we need to ‘downsize’.

    1. Yes, “ouch” was my thought. I don’t regret the single give-away, but I won’t be doing a lot of those; and it definitely makes me think twice about buying patterns and renewing magazine subscriptions.

  2. I saw your giveaway and it was very generous of you especially considering the postage costs. I am sure someone will be very lucky when they find your patterns at the thrift shop.

    1. Janine
      I take my donations to a thrift shop about 90 miles away from me. There are shops much closer, but I found they didn’t offer these types of items. When I asked it was “oh nobody buys that stuff”. The GoodWill shop 90 miles away has what I see as an active “exchange center”. What I see today will not be there when I return (usually 3-4 months.) All of the items are in clean almost new shape, even the vintage patterns. When I asked them about donating my fabric and patterns they said “we can’t keep the in stock. We point out the curtains, drapes and bedspreads as possible fabric sources.” I think we’re a match! I think there are people in that area that like my kind of stuff! There are times I wish I could meet with them.

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