**********What I did to reorganize my sewing rooms yesterday:

Several necklaces had migrated and taken up residence on my bulletin board in the stash room.  The stash room also becomes the workroom for non-sewing machine activities. In this case, necklaces which need new clasps.  Oh their clasps worked. After all I no longer buy cheap jewelry. But as I’ve grown older my hands have more difficulty controlling the small clasps.  Ever a difficult task for me, it is now nearly impossible. I usually quit when my arms ache from my finger tips to the shoulder socket.  Leaving me either without a necklace I want to wear or wearing a necklace I cannot remove.  Old age is not for sissies.

My first thought to change the clasps, came after seeing the advertisements for magnetic closure.

Magnetic clasp — Ring and Stick Clasp

These do not work. Oh they do “find” each other as advertised but they don’t stay closed.  If I”m lucky, my necklace will drop into my bra. If I’m not, which happened one time too often, the necklace disappears totally. Color me “not happy” to have lost several expensive beauties.  I even changed to the honkin’ huge magnetic clasps and the clasps which you screw together after the ends have “found” each other.  But they all have the same issue.  Throughout the day, the ends separate and the necklace drops. I’m not one who likes to fuss with their clothing. I like to dress once, check myself at noon and forget about what I am wearing. I mean be totally unaware of my clothes or accoutrements until I disrobe for my evening bath.  I definitely do not want to be checking my necklace every hour on the hour to be sure it is still closed.

On the left is a sample of a ring and stick clasp. I do fiddle with these a little.  I find them easier to connect than a standard clasp though more challenging than the magnetic clasps.  I’ve never had problems with them coming undone.  So from time to time I buy a small package of ring and stick clasps (they may be called something else) and spend a few minutes converting another few necklaces.  For some odd reason, I had purchased a package, taken the necklaces downstairs to be worked on, but never actually retrieved the tools to convert the clasps.  I leave the old clasps in place. For one thing they usually have a gold content. One clasp wouldn’t be worth much, but 100?  I told DS when I die, take them all my jewelry to a jeweler and see what they will give him.  He has suggested an excellent alternative of selling to one of those places that buy old jewelry. If nothing else, I tell him take the lot to the flea market and sell them for $10 a set. ($10*100=enough money to have fun at the flea market) (Re sets: I prefer earring and necklace sets). The choice is up to him. In any event the new owner will have the original clasp. IMO originals are sometimes overvalued, but it is what it is, hey?  And I during the remainder of my life will continue  to wear my necklaces with their cheap new clasps.

So what I did yesterday?  I converted 6 necklaces and returned them to my jewelry station and thereby to wear. It’s a welcome change which also cleared a small corner of the bulletin board in my sewing room.