6PAC Coverage

I still want to sew a Summer 6PAC, but I desperately needed to fit pants patterns.  Still I managed to sneak in this very easy topper. I purchased the pattern, Simplicity 1635, at Walmart. I know I have several variations of the same thing in both my Ottobre and Burda magazines. But this is already traced!  I trimmed it to the extra-large size and then compared length.  I wasn’t particularly happy with my Ottobre WaterFall Cardigan because it looked blocky on me. This Simplicity version is just 2″ longer and looks so much better.

My version is made from a 100% silk sent to me in one of Fabricmarts bundles. I do know if I’m uncommonly lucky with those bundles or just that I’m able to appreciate the fabics I’m sent.  I do prefer the larger cuts-those 1.5+ yards long. In order to get this topper I had to fold the fabric with cut ends together (normally it’s selvedge edges together).  I serged the seams and finished with a 3-thread narrow rolled-edge.

I spent more time testing than sewing.  The silk wanted to slip slide and crawl away. I finally dunked it in starch (no water added) and waited for it to dry overnight.  The fabric was fine after that for cutting, serging the shoulder and side seams and hemming the sleeves. But the edge did not want to roll. At one point my threads broke. I rethreaded the serger for a second time and then the edge rolled perfectly.

As promised this is an easy pattern and I would recommend it to others.  It has the cut-on dolman sleeve. The downside is that it does need a lot of fabric. The sleeve is 3/4. I would not have had enough fabric for a full length sleeve. One other downside is that the inside will show

Initially, I considered adding some FSL to the inside “lapels” but decided they would affect the hang because of their weight. I’m also not sure that I could neatly add the FSL . I’m afraid I would have a mess on the right side.  I decided just to let the wrong-side show when it shows. It’s still a lovely topper and totally covers up the fitting issues of my “Not Perfect White Blouse“.


6 thoughts on “6PAC Coverage

    1. Thank you Cennetta. It’s such an easy pattern. I’m sure you could whip it up as a coordinate for some of your customers too. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. You’re such an inspiration to me. It makes me glow to know that someone I admire has stopped by and left me a compliment.

  1. Love your cardigan/cover – very good looking. I made a silk “A Little Something” and I wear it all the time. I’m sure you’ll do the same with this piece.

    1. I have the LIttle Somthing pattern. Why didn’t I think of it? Yes this is a perfect style for a summer cover up and it’s so easy to make. I just love it. Glad to know you feel that way about a similar pattern. It’s disheartening to me to make something and then never wear it.

  2. Bev, this is really lovely! Beautiful fabric and well-chosen pattern. I suspect you will get a lot of use out of this topper.

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