Tank Tops for Summer

I’m using Ottobre 2/2007 Style #1 to develop a TNT Tank top pattern.  To read more click here.


2 thoughts on “Tank Tops for Summer

  1. Hi, Bev! Sorry that I couldn’t find a direct way to post this comment as it is about the ral top and the comments were closed. In the picture where u stated u may need a fba I wanted to say that my tops looked like that until I lowered the bust darts. In fact, lowering those darts fixed several issues, including the annoying sliding to the back as I moved around. Hope this helps and again, sorry for posting it out of place but I was hoping to be able to help.

    1. Thanks Donna. Had not thought to check the dart placement other than it doesn’t overrun the point. Generally, bust darts are correctly placed for me but since I’ve been tracing multi-sizes I may have not noticed a new issue.

      Sorry you had problems posting. I find that usually all interesting comments are posted quickly. It’s scammers and porn that post later. I simply got tired of deleting their comments and decided to eliminate the issue. Unfortunately, it does mean that the person with good intentions is also blocked. Thanks for making the effort to share your tip.

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