BPD: The Raglin Line

I moved this thought-process onto its own post because I have a lot of thoughts and I tend to write too much. But at the same time, I really need to think through the effect of the raglin line on my body and garment.


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5 thoughts on “BPD: The Raglin Line

  1. I really look forward to seeing where you go with this, and if you are successful in adapting this pattern. In the past, I’ve been very tempted by this one, particularly because of the raglan sleeves, as in my 40+ years of sewing I’ve yet to be successful at adapting a set in sleeve to fit me. I do agree with you about how the raglan “line” is not the most becoming. Hmmmm maybe I need to make my next major sewing challenge, (once I solve the make-your-own-bra challenge) to finally figure out a TNT button front blouse… But I digress… Truly, Bev, I really appreciate your detailed posts about your thoughts and trials and progress in your garment sewing

    1. Thanks Indigo. It’s nice to have moral support and to know someone else out there has the same issues; that I’m not some kind of freak.

  2. Oh my, Bev… you’re not a freak. You have sloping shoulders. Raglan sleeves seem to look best on squarish shoulders. This theory was tested by DD and me over the years. 🙂 If you look at Louise she’s a broad- shouldered inverted triangle. I know I’m a pudgy rectangle, and I’m short. I love her patterns but I’m learning (slowly) how to adjust them to me. The fact that Louise lists the finished measurements on her patterns nominates her for pattern sainthood in my book.
    Thanks for your posts, Bev. I too really appreciate them.

  3. I’ve tried many variations of raglan sleeve shape, and there’s not one that will work for me–sloping shoulders, full bust, sway-back. It’s been a sore point for me for years, because top-down raglan sweaters are so much fun to knit. (Sigh. I’ve given away a bunch of beautiful sweaters that scream “Look at my…chest!”) This was true when I was young and thin, and time, biscuits, and gravy have only added to the trouble.

    Those Cutting Line designs look wonderful–clean lines, simple shapes, great details. Also, mouth-watering illustrations and examples. I’ll never buy one because the shapes are all wrong for me–flowing pants, billowing jackets, boxy tops. They might fit, but they’ll still make me look huge and shapeless. Sigh. The jackets, especially, speak to me.

    1. One of the “fixes” I forgot is shoulder pads. They are definitely out of fashion. I’ve known several people who hate shoulder pads. Myself, I’d prefer a 1/4″ pad in most of my clothes just because it would give me shoulders; but pads in sleeveless and tank tops are just not an option.

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