BPD: Initial Fitting

I selected this busy print



5 thoughts on “BPD: Initial Fitting

  1. As I remember the neckline is more of a sweetheart shape. The illustration does make it look round, but I think the line drawing on the back is more accurate. The cover makes it look more fitted too… again the line drawing shows it as boxy.
    Good luck.

  2. Looks as if you’re coming along well with this garment. I may have misread, but I think you mentioned lowering the neckline a bit- I think that would be a good idea. I have this pattern and have some concerns about whether the raglan sleeve and neckline would accentuate my own “roundness.” I saw this pattern made up at a recent sewing expo where I took a class from Louise Cutting. Thanks for sharing your fitting journey!

  3. I do agree that the proportion of how long you have made this top, coming almost down to fingertip length, is far a better look than the short top shown on the pattern envelope. (I should remember to try this length myself)

  4. I’m also making a note on my pattern envelope to lengthen this top, as it looks so-ooo much better that way. I wish I’d known to lengthen the ABO tops I’ve made (yeah, measure, observe…) as they’re both too short to wear comfortably with anything remotely drop-waisted. Instead of TNT, they’re LNL (live ‘n learn)!

    Love your blog, Bev. It’s making up for SG being down for several days 😦

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