BPD: Final Pics

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    1. Yes definitely learned and I may use the pattern in the future. Good idea about using a TNT. I struggled through the RAL and came up with a success. But then struggle again and well I’m just tired of struggling. I need a palate cleanser.

  1. Bev, it’s always so interesting to follow your process in working with a pattern. I admire your ability to methodically work through each step and the depth to which you analyze each result. I rarely have the fortitude to stick with it to such a degree as you. I think this BPD top has real potential for you and hope you try it again soon with a more favorable fabric. I have similar issues with raglan sleeve designs–they do me no favors–so I was interested in your insight regarding masking the design lines with a busy print. Can’t wait to see what your next project is going to be!

    1. Thanks Marcy. Moral support and encouragement is very important to me. I plan to try the pattern again, but not until I can shop for the perfect fabric. I prefer the raglan sleeve on Loes Hines Boat neck top. It’s practically a really easy set in sleeve. Next project is going to be something simple without a lot of thought required.

  2. Hi, my name is Martha. I am a SD native, Mitchell to be exact! I am Marty4 on SG but i seldom post although I am a faithful reader (daily). I know you are not an administrator but yours is the only name I can find. Let me explain. I downloaded
    flash player and it took over my SG site and I can no longer get on it. Would you be so kind as to contact Dragon Lady or one of the other admins to see if this can be corrected. I cannot even re-enter the wesite. I love following your wonderful sewing although I am a silent follower!! I am registered on SG so my email is there although it is private I believe. Just let let me know who I need to contact with what info. Thanks so much! Martha

    1. I sent an email to the address you entered on the comments page. I think SG is having problems as a whole. I wrote to DL yesterday and she advised me she was working on it. Hope she fixes it soon, because I’m definitely missing it.

  3. (First of all, Martha, the SG site is down with server issues so don’t worry… it’s not you!)

    Bev, you are so inspiring. I love following your ideas and processes… so much so that I dug out my tossed-in-a-corner BPD top, ironed it and studied what was going on with it (sort of a ‘what would Bev do’ study). I see now it has possibilities and boy does fabric make a difference!
    Thank you for writing so clearly and describing so well what you’re doing. It’s a big help.

    I agree, you deserve a TNT.



    1. Thank you connie and thanks for helping Martha too. It can be days before I check my own site. I’m going to give the BPD another shot after I find a fabric appropriate for the design. It would be interesting to read about your own efforts.

  4. To all interested, Kathryn is posting on Patternreview.com the status of the SG problems. Go to the discussions page and scroll down to the Misc Section.

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