Is Stitchers Guild Down?

I’m terribly flattered that people are searching me out to ask what I know about the current status of Stitchers Guild.  Unfortunately, like you, I’m getting the “403 FORBIDDEN ….” message.  My first thought was that I’d somehow managed to do something so horrible that DL banned me for life.  Thank God, she answered my humble email with this information:

I’m aware of the problems with Stitcher’s Guild, and am working with our hosts to resolve the problems.  Please just be patient; we’ll do everything we can to have the site back up and running ASAP.
No matter how much I admire and praise DL, I’m still not privy to the inner workings/non-workings of my absolute, favorite-site-of-all-time. I am lucky though. Some very gracious individuals have posted the information that Katheryn, another one of my heroes and Admin for SG, is keeping us updated on a Pattern Review Thread.  
If my link doesn’t work copy and paste this URL:
There are many besides myself experiencing withdrawal symptoms and are offering moral support and misc chatting on these two threads:

You’ll probably have to copy and paste those ULR’s.  This is one time I think that in addition to thanking DL for her efforts, which are well above and beyond expected, we should also thank Pattern Review for providing us a BMW (B!tch Moan and Whine) forum and also a forum to receive official updated information about the status of a completey different and possibly competing forum. 

Thank you DL for all your efforts.

Thank you Pattern Review for hosting us during this stressful, difficult time.


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  1. Bev thank you for this news and the links. And you are right, there are others who deserve our thanks and support! After several days I figured that it wasn’t me and that I personally was not forbidden! Even so I am missing my daily Sewing Guild news!

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