My Cover Stitch Work Book

I’ve commented to several people about how I feel guilty at having a $500 machine just sit and collect dust.  Generally shelf sitters and souvenirs are not nearly so expensive.  I’m not inclined to part with the cover stitch machine.  I love the way it solved my knit hemming issues. I want to do more with it. And I’ve started doing more.  What I’ve also started is printing information from the Internet onto paper and throwing that in a folder. Finally I decided I needed to corral everything and organized it in a binder.  I’ve been sharing the new techniques I’ve learned and used as I post a project. However I’d like to have all the information about my CS in one place so I can find it easily. OK the binder works for me but I think a blog works even better.  I’ve opened a new blog” The 900CPX Cookbook” which will be an on-line workbook.  As always, whenever updated, a link will be posted on this blog.


2 thoughts on “My Cover Stitch Work Book

    1. You have seriously fast fingers. LOL. Glad to see you there. I’m a little slow with posting right now because I have a mess to sort through and I’d like to document what I’ve already learned before launching into something new. Hope I don’t bore you. But if you do feel slightly bored, please be a little patient and let me catch up my paperwork.

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