I needed a new copy of this pattern:

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8 thoughts on “CLD 2X4

    1. “ look just fine”. Well it’s true we notice things about ourselves that others don’t see. LOL. Thanks. I love this pattern. It can be so adaptable. I’m surprised that I haven’t made it a million times. I should have as many 2×4’s as I do T-shirt tops.

  1. Bev I think your top looks great, and I like the fit. Bias tape has a tendency to stretch, which is probably what is causing the gaping. Using the pattern’s facing in a solid black or other coordinating color remnant you probably have with interfacing and topstitching stabilizes the neckline nicely with no gaping.

    1. I’m surprised to learn bias- stretching is causing the gaping. I assumed the bias was not stretching enough. But yes you’re right. The other 2×4 still in my closet has a facing and it lies perfectly flat. Thanks for the compliment. This is such a wonderful pattern, I don’t understand why I haven’t made more.

  2. Bev I’ve made this top in knits and, if you don’t want to use the cowl neck piece, I’ll bet fold-over elastic would work great on the neckline, but so would a cross-grain strip and your coverstitch to hem and stitch it down like RTW is done. Just cut either the FO elastic or the cross-grain knit strip shorter than the actual neckline, quarter and apply. I’m getting inspired to sew another and try a piece of interesting FO elastic I got on Etsy just thinking about it!

    1. Yes knits! Check out my 2×4 Flickr Set (link below) for the chocolate brown dress in a ribbed knit I made with this pattern. I recently gave that dress to a young (and very tall friend) who is going to cut it off and wear it as a tunic. It looked fabulous on her and she plans on turning the excess from the bottom and into an eternity scarf. The young women I know love my garments even though we are many years apart.

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