A Mandala Print



2 thoughts on “A Mandala Print

  1. I can really see why you like this print, and think that once you find which other garments work well with it that it will be a happy addition to your wardrobe. I think that the top picture in your post is the best one in terms of color values, that the grey vest and tan trousers are too much all the same, and the black pants disappear while the patterned vest almost competes with the mandala top… I wonder if the mandala top with the darker vest in your first photo would look good with the even darker pants in the final photo?

    I am wondering if this blog post about using value rather than color would be of any use in your experiments, though visual texture is also part of the equation…

    (Now that I have figured out how to photograph myself, it really has helped me see what looks better and what looks worse on me) combining things is an art form that is fun to do but rarely mastered, I am grateful for your willingness to continually share your journey

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Indigo. Color, although I’ve had several theory classes, does not come easy for me. I’ll give these a try.

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