PP104 in ITY

One of my readers was commenting about the difficulty of getting rid of all the wrinkles during fitting, especially when fabric comes into play.

This ITY knit is a perfect example.



2 thoughts on “PP104 in ITY

  1. I wonder whether it might be an issue with the ITY clinging onto you & your foundation garments, rather than too little ease. I haven’t figured out these knits–even after an over-generous FBA in a loose-fitting top, I get pull lines across the bust. The tape measure tells me I have lots of ease, but the drag lines disagree.

    I’m currently experimenting with camisoles to see if that might help.

    (I’m not a new sewist, but I get really excited over fitting improvements, even minor ones! Always looking for the next TNT pattern.)

    1. “it might be an issue with the ITY clinging ”
      Interesting thought. With this ITY, the shoulder slope should have also been corrected. You don’t see it at the shoulder but at the puddling down at my hip. Which didn’t happen with rayon or cotton knits. Also wonder if the shoulder slope isn’t the same cause of the front bust wrinkle. Sigh, I don’t want to take the time to baste every T-shirt together to tweak the fit. Most of my T’s are in and out of the wardrobe within 2 seasons. Still the “cling” factor is an interesting idea and might be easy to fix with my anti-cling spray.

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