Eyebrow Shapers

Have I mentioned I like gadgets and tools?

I read someplace (can’t remember where or I would give credit)that eyebrow shapers such as these

make excellent seam rippers. I don’t know about you, but I can dull a seam ripper within a year. Always curious I looked for eyebrow shapers on Amazon.com. At the time I looked, the available vendors  wanted $7 and up for a pack of 3. Oh plus shipping between $2 and $7. I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay that much for a questionable seam ripper.  I’ve purchased several seam rippers that were immediately discarded.   I want a sharp, sharp blade almost razor-sharp. OK, I really do want razor-sharp, but I don’t want to cut myself accidentally which is what razor blades  normally do  when in my hands.  Any who, I had to run into town the other day and came across this 3 pack 3 for $2. Definitely within budget and therefore within basket.

Unexpectedly,(He He snark)  I had an almost immediate use for them. I was experimenting with machine bobbin work and managed to knot my threads around the throat plate:

I popped one of the shapers out of the package and sawed at the knot.

I’m really happy to tell you that it took about 3 strokes at which the knot fell apart. That’s besides fitting easily between pressor foot  and throad plate! I did pop up the throat plate cover to remove the rest of the knot and then I dusted the area.

Would you believe, I’m looking forward  to the first time I can use these for ripping?


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