Loes Hines Venetian Vest (5104)

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4 thoughts on “Loes Hines Venetian Vest (5104)

  1. Bev, I love the vest. Sooooo glad you like the pattern and used it. Nice fabric – looks good on you.

  2. I’m surprised you hadn’t made this vest pattern before Bev. I like the lower band that extends and lengthens the vest. The ones Loes made and sold had were in drapey velvets like the photo on the pattern, or used coordinating fabrics for the lapel and that band. I recommend that you make an unlined one using a drapey fabric and add the bands. It’s a style you’ll see done by Eileen Fisher for hundreds of $$ and you will love it. Here’s one that I made using a drapey textured hemp fabric (behaves like a tencel) that I’m wearing over a pair of silk One-Seam pants. Notice the length that is so flattering.


    1. WOW that’s a really lovely vest. Thanks for sharing. I do plan to use the pattern several times. I especially like the idea of the coordinating fabrics for the lapel and band.

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