I’ve been thinking of how to round out my Spring/Summer 6PAC. Spring in SD always creates issues for me. We will have lovely days, when the skies are clear (or hardly cloudy), the sun shiny and the winds slow but the temps are in the 50-60 range which is cool enough to send shivers through my body followed by goosebumples on any uncovered flesh.  In other places, people are pulling out short sleeves and light weight garments. I hang up the heavy coats but keep long sleeves, long legs and light third layers.  I can think spring but not dress that way except for about 1 week. No fooling, every year winter temps linger and then the week before summer they increase by about 5 degrees everyday until suddenly it’s summer. We nearly skip spring, every year. Which makes it a bit ridiculous to plan and sew short sleeve, lighter weight garments. I do switch from sweaters to long sleeve T-shirts; launder the long johns and put them away along with the heavy coats and snow boots. But my spring clothes look a lot like winter garments.

Hence, the first 3 garments of this 6PAC were

Pants;              Long Sleeve T Shirt;                              and Blouse:

I have the choice of wearing either top with pants or wearing both with the pants. It’s a good outfit, but I want a 6PAC. I want something I can throw into my over night case; run to wherever; stay a few days and be clothed for all activities. I have an advantage over others as my only special activity will be a trip to the whirlpool (hot tub) at the motel. Still these 3 garments won’t be enough for summer.  We will have triple digits at some point.  Sometimes it’s only a day or two. It could be really hot for a week or more. Point is I need to plan not only for air-conditioned areas and cool evening temps, but also for warm don’t-want-to-move-from-in-front-of-the-AC weather. For this 6PAC (notice I’ve quit referring to spring entirely. Spring is so short I’ve decided to ignore it.) For this 6PAC, I need sleeveless, short sleeve and short pants to go along with the long sleeves and long pants.

So I check my stash for fabric. Shorts fabric to be exact.  I’ve gotten more disciplined with my buying habits. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t have too many fabrics. No it means that when I make a garment I usually have nothing to put in the left overs. This is good but there are still lots of fabrics in the Under 2’s and so I check there first. What would be enough to make shorts and look nice with my rose-pinks?

BTW I’m calling this rose-pinks, but I’ve seen the exact same color called Victorian Rose and Tea Rose.  Both colors bring to mind a slightly more purple color to me but hey it is what it is and so  while you’re in the stores and come across either of those colors, you’ll have a better idea of the true color of my 6PAC.

To my delight I find a grayed brown and rose-brown canvas:

OK, the fabric on the right is much more loosely woven and many not be a canvas but both are 100% cotton.  Since the MSS is such an easy pant to make, I’m planning to make both fabrics using the MSS pattern.

I have enough of the pink knit fabrics left over that I will make tank tops and that will round out my 6 PAC into a 7PAC (3 pieces already made + 2 pair shorts +2 tank tops)

Good plan. Right? Up to this point, I haven’t considered a contrasting color. A monochromatic wardrobe is easy dressing. You just reach in the closet and pull out anything and it matches. But it’s not interesting. Partly that’s the reason I selected the blouse fabric. While it was pastel colors, it still added a bit of interest. The contrasting colors of the short pants will make the 6PA a great 6PAC.  Once I decided upon adding brown, I started thinking about the garments already in my closet.  I began wondering what do I already have that will go-with this rose-pink and brown 6PAC?

Well there are the rose brown and greyed brown slacks just recently added to the closet. I also think the dark brown Magic Pants are a good candidate (although I don’t think I’d wear the blouse in that photo with my Rose-Pink tops). There is also a pair of light brown pants (made so long ago I can’t find the pic) that will work. That adds 4 pieces to my PAC for a sub-total of 11

I also found a yellow sleeveless top and a darker rose-pink tank top

Shown on Mimie, they aren’t at their best, but they still go-with i.e. can be worn with every garment previously shown above or planned.

I also think the off-white WaterFall Cardigan by Ottobre Designs works with all the above


With a total of 14 pieces, I now have more than a SWAP.

I love working with the 6PAC format.  Two things are working in my favor (1) I’ve been working with this format since Elizabeth first conceived of it. (2) I settled upon 3 neutrals for my life: Brown, Navy blue and Charcoal Grey and I usually make the bottoms in my neutral colors. As time has gone on, I add a different contrast nearly every season and may choose a different tone from my neutral (i.e. Charcoal Grey becomes black or light grey). Whatever I choose must work with the existing neutral garments. It has become much easier for me to pack and go or just get ready for today


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