2014 Summer 6PAC

I’m officially calling my 6PAC for Summer 2014 FINISHED!

Yes I know there are only 5 pieces up there. But I also have another 7 pieces already in my closet that all go with this 6PAC of Rose Pink and Brown.


My final is 6 bottoms, 4 tops,  a third layer (waterfall cardigan) and a blouse that can be worn as either a top or 3rd layer . There are a total of 12 garments in my 6PAC. I have garments that all work together;  can all be layered with each other and are appropriate for the weather I normally encounter during summer.  Also within my closet are other garments that work with some but not all of the above. So if I’m at home, I can switch around to make different outfits. When I pack I will be selecting from the group above.



2 thoughts on “2014 Summer 6PAC

    1. Thank you thank you. I’ve been following ejvc’s 6PAC formula ever since she thunk it up. It helps that she reminds me to think ahead.

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