Pamela’s Pattern: Twin Set


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2 thoughts on “Pamela’s Pattern: Twin Set

  1. Just a thought: I’m wondering how it would look if you angled the shoulder from the neckline to the shoulder point. That would bring up the armhole a bit and might take out the gaping (or some of the gaping) at the armhole. Or it just could be the knit. I sewed a top today for DGD with some poly matte knit from FabricMart and it was a bear! I usually don’t use poly but she can wear it and it was the color she wanted. It’s done but the hem. Will load up the CS machine later and get that one on the “DONE” list and in the mail!

    1. Thanks Linda, good ideas but I tried both changing the angle at the shoulder and at the seam underarm side seam. Neither helped. After your comment, Veronica suggested lowering the armscye, which I hadn’t tried. In fact I was trying to bring the armscye up to cover my bra. Maybe I brought it up too high??

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