PP108: The Plan Executed


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2 thoughts on “PP108: The Plan Executed

  1. I love reading your blog and have learned a lot from you. Seems like I have sewed forever, but then I stopped for a long time. I had gained so much weight. now the weight is gone and so I am re-learning to sew for me again. I am going thru the fitting curve to get a great fit like you. Now one thing I have discovered that I have started doing with all my top patterns is to make about a 1/2 wide by about 11/2 long dart in just my pattern in the armcy. I don’t sew the dart in the fabric Then I lower the bottom of the armcy 1/2. It seems to me that my chest kind of dips in and this seems to work as far as wrinkles in that area. Hope this make sense.

    1. Interesting. I did not try lowering the armscye. In fact I was trying to bring the armscye up high enough so that my bra was covered. Most of my adult life, my weight would slowly increase no matter what I did. For one month I drank 3 and only 3 Slim Fast skim-milk shakes. I gained weight. I dropped 40 pounds when I retired. I’m guessing stress was the biggest cause of of my weight gain because I’m having health issues and the stress is causing my weight to creep upward. Sigh, it seems like I’m constantly refitting basics. Once I get the basic to fit the new shape/weight I can have fun sewing.

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