Craftsy Course: Big Embroidery With Small Hoop

I almost didn’t take this course. (Somehow Craftsy is preventing me from capturing a direct link or image.  It’s under the Embroidery category at  I’ve been machine embroidering for almost 25 years.  After 25 years, I think I know everything. But I still have a few minor issues. One being consistently lining up lace designs perfectly.  Oh I line them up. Most of the time perfectly, but I’m not spot on every single time. The instructor, Lisa Shaw, promised a different, reliable method of joining continuous free-standing, lace embroidery. So I signed up.

Having purchased the course, I watched all the lessons.  I’m cheap like that.  Also, sometimes it helps if I’m more familiar with how the instructor talks and gestures.  I think there is an issue with these classes in the lack of  interaction.  The instructors are good at responding if I ask a question. But they can’t see me and can’t say “Bev, you need to pay attention to this.”  I was fresh (it was morning when I took the course) and paid attention. I learned two different methods of aligning designs that I have not seen before. I’ll try both but one will be critical for aligning those lace motifs I have issues with.  So the course for me is a total success.

The instructor was well organized and professional. Her samples were easy to see and appropriate for  her easy to understand instructions.  I did think she was a bit overly enthusiastic.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to the new embroideress after you know the basics.  This course isn’t going to show you how to thread your machine. She doesn’t discuss needles and threads at length. Or invest in long hooping demonstrations. You need to know these things first. The instructor concentrates her time and attention to the details of aligning your fabric in the hoop so that multiple embroideries will be stitched exactly where they are wanted.  She does address avoiding aligning by applique and aligning in software using both Brother’s PE Design and a new-to-me software Embrilliance Essentials.  In the course she states that Embrialliance is a free download with the class but I couldn’t find it.