2014 Winter 6PAC

This weekend I swapped the summer clothes for winter. I pulled the winter clothes out of containers and inspected their condition.  I’m pretty good at culling clothing throughout the season and always discard a few at season’s end. As expected, there were 2 that should have been discarded last spring but managed to make it into the boxes.  I shook out folds and hung the garments on hangers. I allow gravity to work before a quick press.  Then I looked over the lot from to see what was needed to complete a 6PAC.  I’m the one who likes to keep 6PAC’s in 3 basic colors: black, chocolate-brown  and navy blue. Once the basic 6PAC’s are done, I feel free to add accents, embellishments and fun garments; work on techniques or struggle with fitting.  To my horror, my winter wardrobe is deplorable. I have 3 very heavy sweaters seldom worn because they are too warm and a few pair of pants that are faded or have less than acceptable fit. Usually, I have clothes from the previous year with which to start the current season. That’s not the case this year. I need to get sewing.

For a few weeks I’ve been thinking of a black winter 6PAC with bright blue accents. I thought I had most of the individual items and would need only accents and a replacement or two. Having now pulled out the winter clothes, I know a full 6PAC is needed. I’ve pulled fabrics. In fact, I’ve reorganized the black section of my fabric stash.  I even made a separate stack of fabrics for winter pants. Grey colors are included in black section. I found that most of the black and grey are the same hue just different values. But oddly I have a small selection of blued grays and another of taupe-grays.  They are more appropriate for spring and fall so I’ve separated them for future use. (Spring will come again.)

  1. Top
    1. Fabric: Black ITY with Sequin design
    2. Pattern LH 5213 V-Neck Tunic
  2. Top
    1. Fabric: animal print in black, grey, cream and bright blue
    2. Pattern LH5205 Boat neck top
  3. Pants
    1. Microfiber/cotton twill
    2. Pattern: PP113
  4. Pants
    1. Jeans
    2. DG2 Purchased from HSN.com
  5. Vest
    1. Fabric Chenile Loose Weave
    2. Pattern LH 5104 Venetian Vest, Simplified, i.e. no hem flaps or closure.
  6. Coat
    1. Fabric: Polar Fleece
    2. Purchased from Walmart
  7. Accessories
    1. Shoes
      1. Black Boots, on hand
      2. Black flats, on hand
    2. Purse
      1. Every day: Black purse, on hand
      2. Evening:
    3. Scarf
      1. I like to wear a scarf over my shoulder and beneath my coat.  I learned this years ago from some well-to-do but thrifty woman.  A scarf worn against the body will aborb any oils and cosmetics. It can be easily laundered in the sink. A coat cannot. A scarf IMO is a necessity for each coat. I hang my coat and put the scarf on top.
    4. Hat
      1. Charcoal hat on hand (I love this hat.
    5. Gloves
      1. Charcoal – buy to match hat.
    6. Watch
    7. Wedding Ring
    8. Earrings and necklace as desired

I know I’ve kinda of cheated because I’m using 2 purchased items. But I have them. In the right color and I need them n-o-w. With vest and a top, I have one basic black outfit.

I need to refit the V-neck Tunic and Boat neck top. I’ve used these patterns over and over. I think refitting will be a matter of tracing the size for the current girth of my hips, making a 1″ BWL and 1″NSA before cutting. Oh, yeah, if I remember correctly I need to raise the V-neck.  I’m not really a cleavage baring person.

A lot of people, including myself forget to plan accessories. Accessories take you from day to night. Accessories are the final touch that make you look put together rather than thrown together. Yet we treat accessories as after thoughts.  This winter, I’m doing it differently.  This winter I’m including my accessories as items needed to make my 6PAC work.