Final Winter 6PAC, Top #2

You feel so much joy when you get to this point, Piece #6, the final THE FINAL piece in the 6PAC.  In my case, Top #2 a sweater knit in black and bright blue made with Loes Hinse pattern 5203 the Cowl Top:


I’m starting with View A.  It’s tunic length but what really impressed me was the side seam shaping.  I did my normal 1″ NSA and BWL adjustments to the pattern. I was short on fabric but wanted to use this fabric. It’s a sweater knit.  I have 3 very heavy sweaters in my closet.  They are good for slogging around outside in the cold and snow.  Inside, I need something a bit lighter and I have nothing that qualifies.  Also, this was my first fabric with color, the bright blue I so wanted to use.  It’s hard to tell front the photo, but it is a black and blue in narrow stripes.  since I was short on fabric, I opted to fold up along the tunic hem line and ditch the cowl.  Because it is a sweater knit, I stabilized the shoulder and neckline with bias fusible tape. Mistake. I used a simple up and over binding.  When finished, it wouldn’t stretch to go over my head.  Could be the bias tape, but as drafted this is also a very high neckline.  I trimmed the front down about 4″ and added a regular binding made from self-fabric cut along the grain. Doesn’t quite have as much stretch as cross-grain but still I managed to get it a smidge to big.  I’ve already run 1 strand of elastic through the binding to tighten it a little.  I may need another.

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned but this is a slim arm.  I wouldn’t wear anything (T-shirt, blouse) beneath the sweater. The arms would be too tight.I was tempted to add shoulder pads. But didn’t. I mean who adds shoulder pads to a sweater? Ridiculous. Right?  But looking at the back, I may go ahead and insert a 1/4″ shoulder pad. (I need shoulder pads. My shoulders have always been sloped. They are even more sloped now that I’ve acquired a few extra years.)

Also, I really need to add length to the center front.  RTW looks like this on me. When I’m sewing I can fix that.


  1. Top -DONE
    1. Fabric: Black ITY with Sequin design
    2. Pattern LH 5213 V-Neck Tunic
  2. Top
    1. Fabric: Blue and Black narrow-strip sweater knit
    2. Pattern LH5203 Cowl Neck
  3. Pants
    1. Microfiber/cotton twill
    2. Pattern: PP113
  4. Pants DONE
    1. Jeans
    2. DG2 Purchased from
  5. Vest  DONE
    1. Fabric Mohair/Cashmere Remnant, trimmed with Embossed Knit
    2. Pattern NL 6249 Vest
  6. Coat DONE
    1. Fabric: Polar Fleece
    2. Purchased from Walmart


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