4 thoughts on “A Two-Fer

  1. How pretty and cozy!! And the close-up is a great photo of you. I don’t have the cowl neck top pattern, but have made the LH Boat Neck top many times with and without the funnel neck which is just an extension instead of an added rectangle of whatever size you chose. I typically cut the funnel neck about half of what the pattern width is but it’s up to us. I think this looks great on you. I love classic striped tops and wear them often.

    1. Oh cutting in collar length in half, great idea and easy variation on an already fitted pattern. Thank you and thank you for the compliments.

  2. You inspired me to finish a top from the LH Boat Neck pattern and I wore it today with a pair of her pleated pants. If I get a chance I’ll post a photo of it.

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