Vogue V8840

I don’t remember when I purchased this pattern. It may have even been gifted to me.  I do remember why I was interested. It’s the extended shoulder with sleeve.

It had a fashionable, easy look.  Definitely a change from my usual set in sleeve silhouette. I thought it would need knit fabrics. To my surprise the recommended fabrics are: synthetic suede, charmeuse and mens suiting. All wovens without stretch. I returned my selected knit to its place on the self  and chose a rayon crepe recently purchased from Casual Elegance. I made my normal 1″ NSA and BWL pattern adjustments and cut at tunic length . Next I trimmed out the neckline as a high round neckline is definitely not my best look.  Honestly, this was enough of a departure from my usual style that I was nervous. I wanted something to reassure me.

This was a simple sew. I left a 6″ vent at the center back neck; added a button and loop before finishing the neckline with bias tape. Mostly it was straight or gently curves. I serged the shoulders and sleeves but initially basted the side seams to check for fit.

I realized, too late, that this pattern really wasn’t an easy winner when matching patterns. By that I mean, I should have taken much more care.  I didn’t want to make full pattern pieces (rather than the half front and half back provided) because I wasn’t sure I would use the pattern twice. To camouflage the mismatched stripes,  I added a 1/4″ black ribbon at the shoulder and again where the sleeve is stitched to the bodice. Even though heavily starched, the rayon crepe fabric was wiggly.  I used a glue stick to baste the ribbon in place before stitching.  Instead of a straight stitch I chose one of the decorative stitches to attach the ribbon permanently. A little bit of effort, yes. But not terribly time-consuming or difficult and very effective. I find adding a solid line between unmatched plaids, strips or patterns, reduces the jarring effect of those unmatched elements. Somehow, having a place for the eye to rest (the black ribbon) makes the mismatch un- or barely noticeable.

I finished with a 3″ hem because at fitting I felt the tunic length was much too long and disproportionate on me. I looked all torso balanced on two short sticks.

I opted to take “final” pictures without shoulder pads and then slipped the pads in to place.   I think there is a subtle and desirable difference between the two looks. I will be sewing the 1/4″ pads in permanently.

I don’t dislike this look, but I’m not wildly enthusiastic either. It is still heavily starched which will make a difference by in appearance and comfort. It’s an OK look that might be punched up into something more flattering.  Also, I think my viewpoint is colored by the 90’s when I weighed an additional 50 pounds and this was about the only style available. Even though it has both a bust dart a back shoulder neck it is rather shapeless.  (I’m not sure which bra I was wearing and that too could make a difference). I hand hemmed the bottom hem. Carefully. Also this has been pressed several times just because I press anytime the next seam will cross a previously stitched seam. I don’t know, maybe different colors would make a difference.  I like this print and it’s colors, but I look tired even though I just had a miracle mask that was supposed to brighten and lift my entire countenance.


Sigh, I will make this pattern once more before deciding if it is a keeper. I love the print and the colors (even if black is not one of my personal bests). This blouse will be fine beneath my winter vests and I have one less “black” fabric to return to my shelves.


4 thoughts on “Vogue V8840

  1. Glad to see that pattern made up. I gave it to you. I had 3 of them – I guess I really liked the pattern?? Of course, I’ve not touched it either. It looks good on you. And yes, like me, you need shoulder pads! PITA most of the time but it sure does help the ‘look’. Good job.

    1. It is really a great pattern. I’m thinking some stable knits might be fun. Also think I want to length the sleeve 4-6 inches.

      It’s a simple pattern that inspires me to do more.

      Thanks, ever so much for sharing.

  2. Bev, I think the tunic (like the length you did) looks quite good on you! Personally, I would just find a cool necklace to spark up the neckline area. Maybe something that picks up on your eye color, for example? I like the shoulder pads and I find that I’m using them more and more. Especially for the dropped shoulder patterns that I fall in love with and then moan about their lack of shape – sheesh.

    1. Thanks joyce. I wasn’t sure about the hem length. But I’m happy with both that and the shoulder pads. I need to do these things for my body proportions.

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