5208 Bianca Sweater


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8 thoughts on “5208 Bianca Sweater

  1. LH illustrated and explained her version of a FBA for this top and others in her Early Winter 2005 S Magazine that preceded her Look Newsletters. I have that one if you don’t and can e-mail it to you. The Bianca pattern had just come out. I also think that placing your elastic decorative strips vertically along the tuck lines (substituted for the narrow tucks) indicated on the pattern front would also give you a more flattering look and fit. VS horizontal placement.

    1. Thanks Terri. I do not have issue and would love to have the directions. This issue is occuring just too often for me to ignore any longer.

      I’ve done the vertical stripes before using pintucks. They are flattering. I wanted to do something different this time and enjoyed playing with the strips of fabric, decorative stitches and metallic elastic trim. Because I used well marinated fabric from the stash, I didn’t mind that it turned out less than perfect.

  2. Bev, I am sending you the S Magazine issue and any others you want. I like this top and think you did a great job planning and applying the artistic details of this top. You are too hard on yourself in terms of how things look in photos. Lighting, posture and even how one feels makes a big difference in photos. I’ve made the Bianca with the tucks too, and it gives the top a more fitted look that I thought you might enjoy doing in your next version. If we didn’t enjoy the journey of all this, we wouldn’t be doing it.

  3. I like the colour on you even though it isn’t currently obtainable (not too light, not too dark).

  4. The colour looks great on you – particularly as you said you didn’t sleep well. I agree with the need for a FBA, and with the front falling more evenly maybe there will be less to do on the back.

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