Muslin LH 5210


I’ve started 5210

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  1. A bit frustrating that this isn’t quite right but you have learned even more from it. When this is compared with your last top you have confirmation of a number of alterations you thought you needed.
    Third is a charm?

    1. Possibly, I’m rushing through too quickly. I expected the LH patterns to be easy to fix. They were previously or at least I thought it was easy to fit them back then. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

  2. I like the color on you, and if you had not used a tightly woven fabric, I think this top would have been a “win”. All you need to do is use the shoulder seams to take in/adjust your shoulder width and even slope a little if necessary.

    Loes recommends fabrics with lots of “give” esp when using wovens. You will achieve success if you follow her guidelines and recommendations that she has provided in her newsletters over the past years. I have sewn the Bergman both as a top and as a jacket since it is a nice cardigan jacket when the CF seam is left open (see my Flickr set). While at her shop I bought a woven rayon with lots of texture and give, and the resulting Bergman blouse as comfortable to wear as it is good looking. Microfiber, as your needles confirmed, is difficult to sew because of the extremely tightly weave of thousands of yards of very fine thread, hence the name “micro-fiber”.

    1. thanks Terri. Stopped working on LH patterns to work on repairs and a UFO. But I’ll be back in a few days with another report.

  3. My initial reaction is that you need a shoulder slope adjustment. Does it help those wrinkles in the back if you pull up the shoulder seam just at the shoulder point?

    Also, not knowing a lot about FBAs, if that would provide more fabric at center front length, that may be your answer about the hemline at CF pulling up.

    Like Terri mentioned, the color looks very nice on you.

    1. Interesting enough, when I do the narrow shoulder adjustment it also corrects the shoulder slope issue, or at least I thought it did. I may have to look at that more carefully. But yes, when I put a shoulder pad in which lifts the back just a little, the wrinkles from the shoulder usually disappear. This time I hesitated making the fully 1″ NSA because I didn’t want to alter the size and shape of the center front. The result is the shoulder is too long, the slope incorrect and a mess of wrinkles. I need to have more courage and make the full NSA.

      I’ve never done an FBA before. I wondered if the need for it now was due to the new bras. But as I looked back at garments made during the last 6months, I see that every one could have used just a bit more ease across my chest. Which I ignored and instead have been adding length to the center front. As I read the FBA instructions in Fit For Real People the FBA should add length as well as width.

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