Redecorating Progress

For me, redecorating my sewing and stash rooms will  include decluttering and reorganizing.

I have an electric closet within my sewing room  that becomes a catchall.  I move things there “for now”.  Some are things I want to use but never quite start that project. Others are things that should be discarded but I don’t for various reasons.  A few weeks ago, I pulled out the stuff in the bottom half of the closet and sorted through discarding 2 boxes of computer parts and another box of just stuff.  Even after that, the closet was still over stuffed.

I considered carefully my next step. It took me a week to decide and another week to receive new shelving for the upper portion of this closet. I had assembled a group of paper board boxes when we first moved in. At the time, I wasn’t sure how the closet would be used and what kind of formation would best suit me.  As time wore on I made a few minor changes. But mostly it stayed as originally assembled with the exception of gathering much more stuff.  The cardboard boxes served me well except that they are not transparent (I can’t see what is inside) and after 8 years they are collapsing under the weight of the stuff on top.

I begin the reorganization process by harassing DH into assembling my new shelves.  He has the electric drill which makes short work of this type project. Also he hammers and screws  straight whereas I manage to bend nails and send screws at an angle.  Once he finished, I spent 8 hours removing the contents of the electric closet. I cleaned, sorted. Got rid of a bunch of stuff and placed the rest back in the closet.   I used a simple formula to decide what to keep and what to discard. I asked my self: ” Have I used this?” or “Did I have an immediate project that would require it?”  A no in either case and the item was discarded.  I didn’t have out right trash, except perhaps the boxes themselves. So most everything I wasn’t returning to the closet went  into boxes destined for the Good Will.  There are many good artist quality products in those boxes. May the next artist enjoy them more than I.

I proudly share my newly cleaned and organized closet:

This is not done, done, all the way done.  More like the next step done. I still have boxes that can’t be seen into unless I remove them from the shelf. To often now, if it is out of sight, we (DH and I) don’t know we have it. I need clear containers so that all my treasures are visible and I am reminded that I have them for use. I measured the interior of the shelves and plan to purchase clear boxes that will fit.  I also want to move into this closet the paints which are stored in the stash room.  I use the paints several times a year but not even every month. They don’t need to occupy valuable daily use real estate.  I plan to put the paints on the shelf where the books are. But that means going through those books a 4th or 5th time discarding and relocating. I am so not read to do that job.

I had an issue of not wanting to discard some things.  Down on floor you’ll see a recently purchased heater than I’m unhappy with but don’t want to discard. It’s brand F* new. Returning is not an option. Returning has to be prearranged with the online vendor. I had a limited number of days to make arrangements and would have incurred a hefty cost between shipping and restocking fee. We decided  to keep it in case one of our other heaters burned out.  There are some boxes which I swear I was wishing I had upstairs a few weeks ago. But can’t remember where. I decided to keep these until I do the final arrangement with the clear containers I still need to purchase.  Two of the boxes on the floor will not be going anywhere. One contains keep sakes that I don’t have a place to display but don’t want to discard. The other contains my art journals from way back when.  Artists, even wanna-be artist like me, never get rid of journals.  Our journals offer encouragement.   When I’m dissatisfied with current efforts, I can look back and see how much I’ve changed; improved.  Many of my journals contain  studies with notes that help me use my materials to create my mind’s vision.  So journals, don’t go away. Even if they aren’t reviewed all that often. I may find a new shelf where they can be displayed.




2 thoughts on “Redecorating Progress

  1. I have so much “cleaning out” I want to accomplish. I’m trying to do a bit at a time and making some progress. Good job you have done!

    1. It’s easier for me to do a little bit at a time than taking on the whole thing at once. So I’m on your side. Making a little progress is a good thing.

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