5 thoughts on “Craftsy Course: Adjust the Bust

    1. Oh I’ll be sorry if I made you notice her habit. It is a great class and she is a great teacher. Thing is when you are a “captive audience” even if by choice, you notice little things that probably shouldn’t matter. I used to have a girl friend that was a dental assistant. She said she struggled with her tendency to stare at people’s teeth. She said her habit was so bad, she couldn’t enjoy classes where people obviously lacked dental hygiene. If they just had bad teeth, she spent the class feeling sorry for them. She wished she could get over her own habit. I probably should do the same.

  1. The year that I decided to finally work out a tee shirt pattern that fit my shape I made many different options before it occurred to me that if I wanted the body of the shirt to fit I needed to give it some significant shaping. I ended up with a shirt that has princess seams in the front (instead of a bust dart, because G cup) but now have had for many years a TNT knit top pattern that skims my curves instead of hanging off my chest like a tarp, which was how I described my former attempts. It was surprisingly difficult for me to wrap my brain around the idea of a knit top with a dart or princess seams instead of a simple one piece front pattern piece, but now I like it, because it also allows a smoother fit around the armscye as well as the body of the top

    1. Good thought Indigo. My problem with that, is that I wouldn’t really get a T-shirt. I would be sewing a princess style knit top. Which is fine when that’s what I want. I may have accept that a dartless bodice is not going to work with my body. In which case, I need to dispose of probably half my patterns. Thanks for bringing this point of view up. I do think it’s important for me to consider adapting my personal wardrobe to what works with my body.

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