5 thoughts on “PP104, 2015 Spring 6PAC

  1. Bev I noticed you don’t have a bust dart. I think you need to use the pattern for the larger bust, that has the dart, and also make the petite adjustments that are on the pattern. I’m not home so I can’t reference like I want.

  2. Forgot earlier – For me I don’t have to make a round back adjustment – Pam has that and a forward shoulder built into the pattern. So W H Y am I trying to get a different T?? Thought I should have something different!!

    1. Why do you need another T? WHY do we keep trying different pant patterns? I think we both enjoy variety.

      I noticed that the back armscye was longer than the front, ever without the optional half inch extra. I was thinking forward shoulder when I saw it. Come to thonk of it, rounded back seems to cause forward shoulders and hollow chest.

  3. Pams pattern takes into account the forward shoulder and rounded back. I’ve noticed in the past 6 months I’m very aware of how rounded I’m getting. I’m going to start walking with a yardstick behind me!! I’ve not made Pam’s T for several months. Am going to try another one when I get home. As for the dart – just do it – you really can’t tell it’s there because your top will fit better. I made a couple of Pams T’s for DGD who’s a DD – she wasn’t sure about the dart but was excited about the fit! Trade off

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