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  1. Two thoughts on the sleeve. One, I’ve been going through some of my older Threads Magazines, back in the 90’s. The articles back then were so much more thorough (IMO). One I ran across discussed wrinkles and sleeves saying some wrinkles in the sleeve are the result of the shorter cap height. Heighten the cap and some of the wrinkles are eliminted. Two, Peggy Sagers says that there will always be wrinkles in one piece sleeves as they are straight and our arms are curved (at the elbow). Two piece sleeves account for this curve, and can, thus, be sewn without wrinkles appearing. For what it’s worth.

    1. Was not thinking about raising the cap. That would be easy to do, especially with PP104. I was thinking more like Peggy. I have seen and used a one piece sleeve that was bent at the elbow. Don’t remember how it fit. To be truthful, in the past as long as my lady parts didn’t show (top, bottom or back side), I consider it a fit. Only in the last few years that I’ve been so picky about fit and that’s because I have the time to really explore. Thanks Linda. You’ve given me food for thought.

    2. I rotated the sleeve both forward and back without improvement. In fact, the wrinkles were worse. Was wondering if the sleeve cap needed to be shaped. With most of my woven tops, the sleeve cap has a definite front and back. But when I look closely, they too have indications of the same drag line.

      Indigo, thanks for input and compliments. Having someone in my corner is great.

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