5 thoughts on “Sleeve Drag Line

  1. Have you tried LC’s method – Taking the SA from the front – add to the back – take the same amount off the front piece of the sleeve and add to the back – it’s in #3 DVD this rotates everything. AND – I know I sound like a broken record but you do need to do something about a FBA. HTH

  2. I wonder if this is an Outward Rotation Of Elbow. Description: long sleeve twists from cap line to wrist and the seam aligns with the forefinger rather than wrist centre. #49 in Liechty’s Fitting and Pattern Alteration 2nd Ed.

    1. Hmm my wrinkle is from shoulder point to inside elbow. It seems like before knits, we always had a dart at the elbow which took care of all kinds of elbow related issues. The only indication FFRP gives, is that this might be a drape line. I don’t like my sleeves tight and have added 1″ ease to this pattern.

  3. Oh, that twisted sleeve wrinkle. It drives me crazy! I did have some success recently by measuring the pattern sleeve cap and measuring my arm from shoulder to the bottom of the armhole. The pattern was an inch shorter than my upper arm. I lengthened the sleeve cap and it made a big difference. It was from Joi Mahon’s Craftsy class. Phylly

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