EAC: Playing with the NSA


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3 thoughts on “EAC: Playing with the NSA

    1. Not quite sure I understand. Are you experimenting with the seam method of pattern alteration? Would love to see that myself. Judith Rasband has 2 books out of this method (which she claims to have invented). I’ve got one on my wishlist but at $100++ don’t expect to ever possess it. I don’t see many posts using the seam method to alter patterns. With so few reporting, I really wonder if it is worth studying.

  1. I am sorry, that was unclear, I have been working with getting the shoulder length right and had just tried Ann Rowley’s method (which is similar to your last diagram, that was the mystery comment 🙂 I have the Rasband book (it was a Christmas gift a few years ago from family) and have used it with many good results although Peggy Sagers’ webcasts and DVD’s have helped my understanding *much more* than any book I have purchased.

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