A New Ebb

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One thought on “A New Ebb

  1. When that pattern first came out I immediately made 2 of them. I did wear them but felt like I needed a FBA. I asked on line to Louise – she said there wasn’t a good way to do a FBA so I’ve not used the pattern since. However, that’s been a few years back. Just an FYI for you. I’m wondering if some of the back wrinkles are because you need another 1/2 to 5/8 to go ‘over’ your rounded back? I’m to the point that I have to remove an inch. When I made the JMStyle I did the 5/8 seam move that Louise recommends. That did work very well. However, by not putting in a back seam I couldn’t do the sway back adjustment. It’s not real noticable – the top looks great – good fit ……. put it on this am – – it’s just NOT my style! Normally I pass something on to DDIL but she would never wear this – so there it will hang for a while!

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